Support org-mode notes basic preview(org-mode like Markdown)

Really love DEVONthink.

Org-mode’s syntax like Markdown, work in Emacs editor. Maybe not popular(because Emacs is too hard to learn), but almost all org-mode’s users is note-taking professional, they lack a good editor can sync and preview on iOS, and more important is that they can find the value of DEVONthink, so would be the potential user.

Org-mode file is as plain-text in DEVONthink now, poor for reading.

It would be greater if DEVONthink can support org-mode preview, basic preview support is enough, like heading preview (h1, h2, h3… Markdown start with ‘#’, but org-mode start with ‘*’) and hyperlink preview ([[httpXXX][Weekly topics - DEVONtechnologies Community]] this is org-mode style link format).

It seems that only need modify a little regex code for parsing Markdown file can support basic org-mode preview, would not take developer too much times, but this is really helpful, convenient, significant and qualitative change for org-mode user.

Please consider support this feature, thank you!

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Welcome @Ripple

There have not been many requests or much interest in support for this, but the request is noted.

would not take developer too much times

Actually, this is impossible to assess and things which seem trivial are very often far more difficult.

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As someone who indexes a growing amount of org-mode notes (I like to keep as much within DevonThink as possible!), I heartily vote for this feature.

Point (with an eye to future implementation): Github already does this (see, and Hugo (a popular static website generator) has a plugin for it (see

Counterpoint: As pointed out though, it is not a trivial task at all, there are … numerous edge cases in rendering Org generally, and it might not be worth implementing this until “document markdown apps” (iAWriter, Marked, etc.) embrace rendering org-mode.

Also, since OP missed “linkifying” the related posts, and I can’t edit posts, mentioning them here:

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until “document markdown apps” (iAWriter, Marked, etc.) embrace rendering org-mode.

But why would this implementation in Markdown apps even be considered?

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Right, I meant to say it was unlikely: I should’ve said “until other apps support org-mode rendering too”

(fyi: I care much more about it being “all indexed together”, so I am very happy with how it is right now)

(fyi: I care much more about it being “all indexed together”, so I am very happy with how it is right now)

Glad to hear it!

FWIW I came here today to see if/how people use org-mode files within DT.

I’ve been setting up a cross-platform “Second Brain”, where DT plays a part on my macOS/iOS devices. My Second Brain is a mixture between Zettelkasten/P.A.R.A, but I have also an “Inbox” where I only store .org files, which basically shows me my daily/weekly/monthly todo list and also a calendar-list view (i.e. not a full-blown calendar) so I can see what is scheduled for today.

When I tried to describe my solution to a friend I realised I told her by the end of it that “actually, if you are ‘only’ on macOS/iOS you could just use Devonthink, as it can handle everything in my set-up, within the same package, EXCEPT for the .org files and also except the auto-backlinking. The rest DT already does: wiki-linking, unique file ID’s, encrypted data, all file formats etc”. That also had me thinking: “hmm…I can’t be the first DT user who thinks this, can I?”, so I went here to have a look.

The thing is, as .org files in general are “just plain-text files with a predictable syntax”, and also has a very limited feature-set, I figured if there wasn’t something official (plug-in, or script etc), there might be something user generated. I have yet to find it, but still wanted to chip in that this would be a great feature indeed, especially as things like P.A.R.A, Zettelkasten and Second Brain seems to be all the rave in PKM’s right now.

DT wouldn’t even need the “full” editing suite for org-mode, but if there was a way to view/interpret/style the .org files it would be very helpful indeed. Also, most of the functionality is, as stated, already in DT so I would have guessed it wouldn’t be a complete re-architecture of things, but more like added functionality for those who would wish for it. If it was a plug-in feature set for purchase as an add-on, I would purchase it.