org-mode (emacs) support

Wondering if others might be intrested/need display/sync support for org-mode notes in DT.

I’d like to be able to edit content in Emacs and display these type of files in DT on the Desktop, as well as on iOS devices.

Support for edit and advanced features (tasks etc.) would be great of course, but I’m not sure how complicated that’d be.

PS. There’s a new org client for iOS currently in developemnt.…. which might indicate there’s demand for this type of cross-platform solution.

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What’s the extension of these files?

+1 for that.

The extension ist .org.

You’ll find information about this on

Such files should be imported & displayed as plain text at the moment.

Emacs org-mode files are plain text files.
Extension could be a .txt , like in file_name.txt, or any other as long as the first line in the file is ```

-- mode: org --

As far as I know the DEVONthink supports fairly well indexing those Org files since they are just plain texts. :smiley: So go ahead and use DT. I’ve researched a lot about combining more powerful note-taking apps and the org-mode is the only one that satisfies my requirements, which are:

  1. The file content must be indexed by spotlight, which means it must be searchable in DT.
  2. It should be free or do not cost me too much since I am just a student.
  3. It must support fast and direct insertion of images, code, and expressions (LaTeX should be the best.)
  4. It would better to be able to create links and follow them.

Some enhanced markdown editors should have done these for me, but each of them contains shortages or doesn’t satisfy my requirement. For example I used to use Quiver but it uses propriety file format and doesn’t support spotlight index. Now I completely headed to org-mode and it’s JUST Excellent.

Some functions are not supported by the original but can be added by some elisp code, see below:

(require 'org)

(defun org-dtp-open (record-location)
  "Visit the dtp message with the given Message-ID."
  (shell-command (concat "open x-devonthink-item:" record-location)))

 :follow 'org-dtp-open
 :export (lambda (path desc backend)
            ((eq 'html backend)
             (format "<font color=\"red\"> <a href=\"x-devonthink-item:%s\">%s </a> </font>"
 :face '(:foreground "red")
 :help-echo "Click me for devonthink link.")

(provide 'org-devonthink)

This elisp code adds support for directly open DT links (wether item link or page link of PDFs), like “x-devonthink-item://CC7D82BB-CF68-41E2-8BC6-19E56AC10756?page=7” and it corrects the export function of DT links for html. Your DT links will be displayed in RED.

Now I’m using org-mode for my daily note-taking software. I write notes in org and make DT to index them. I will not miss any good points of DT. Besides, I use the x-devonthink-item links (in org files) to link to my existing files.

The org-DT combination works FANTASTIC!! :laughing: :laughing:


Can be very nice to have an orgmode editor integrated in devonthink. I searched for a way to write a plugin for DT that support org but seems impossible. right?

Not impossible - already done if I’m not mistaken.
Orgmode is originally by Dominik Carsten, a German astronomer living in the Netherlands.
It’s existed for years already.
A reference guide is for sale @ Amazon
Search for emacs / John Wiegley / orgmode / Devonthink

I’m just looking into this myself by coincidence. :smiley: