Support Resilio Sync

Any thoughts about supporting Resilio Sync ( as a sync method in DEVONthink? This would allow folks to securely sync without using a public cloud system.

We have a Sync engine already and options where people don’t have to use a public cloud service. This is a licensed service, not a free API.

Resilio Sync is like Dropbox or, but it uses BitTorrent technology for the transfers and you can host your own server. It transfers peer to peer between authorized systems and is extremely fast. I think OP is asking for that to be an option for storing your database just as Dropbox or I have Resilio Sync and love it, but am curious to see if it is safe to use as a Sync store.

On that note, I guess I could test it as a local sync store and see how it handles…

EDIT: Resilio Sync seems to work fine when you set it as a Sync store. But in order to use it on DTTG you’d likely have to authenticate using their API and again, I’d love to have this option. I’d prefer this over either or Dropbox.

You should never put your DEVONthink databases in any cloud-synced location.
Also, “storing your database” is not the same as “Syncing your database”. We must be clear in these terms.

That’s what I thought…but I’m referring to this in the settings (and in case the image doesn’t show inline, it’s at