Suppressing sorter drawer

I am running DEVONthink Pro Office 2.0pb2 and am having difficulty suppressing the sorter drawer. I have ticked the hide button against the sorter in the account Login Items but the sorter continues to load whenever I reboot the computer (MacBook Pro late 2008, OSX 10.5.6). Obviously I am missing something and would welcome guidance.

The Hide option will not keep the Sorter from loading at login. You’ll want uncheck the ‘Show at login’ option in DT’s preference and then open the account login items in System Preferences and make sure that Sorter does not appear in the list. If it does, select the Sorter and click on the ‘-’ button to remove it entirely from the list.

Thanks, Greg. I had in fact unticked the sorter draw preference in DTP and then ticked the hide box in Login Items. I have now deleted the sorter draw option from the login items, as you suggest, and this has done the trick. Many thanks for the swift response. Michael

Glad I could help. If in the future you want to have the Sorter load at startup, checking ‘Show at login’ will add it to the user’s login items.

Thanks. Sorry if you wondered what I was on about with “sorter draw”: I mean drawer, of course, and I can’t believe I could type that! It must be old age. Anyway, I now see it is simply the Sorter…