Swipe to see next document

It would be great to have the option to left/right swipe in a document to go to the previous/next document in the group. Would help to quickly browse a larger numer of documents.

Is there a chance to get this feature?

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Thanks for the suggestion but realize that there’s more to consider as a multipage format like PDF already utilizes swiping for page turning.

Yes, but AFAIK there is a switch where you can configure the direction of the swipe that brings you to the next page in a document, horizontal or vertical. So maybe the unused direction can be used for the next-document swipe.

Possible, but it wouldn’t be an intuitive action if it was swipe up and down for one group of Users.

The best mechanisms apply to every possible configuration, with as few exceptions as possible to make it work (hopefully none).

I wonder if a keyboard shortcut could be provided for this? (Currently working in split screen, and frustrating that I can’t easily move to the next document down with the arrow key).

I use BTT (Better TouchTool) to map two finger swipe right to cmd-dn arrow for next document and swipe left to cmd-up arrow fr pervious document.

Alas, this discussion is for DTTG…

Sorry. I overlooked the subject…

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