Switch from Dropbox to Box

My employer has finally decided to adopt a cloud storage solution, namely Box.com. I have been using my personal dropbox account to sync my work files, but now would like to move those files to Box, so as to not have personal files on my work computer (ie, I want to stop using Dropbox on my work computer). Is there an easy way to change the syncing system easily from Dropbox to Box for those databases?

Edit: I should add, I use DTPO.

The easiest way is to just set up a Box.com Sync location and Sync to it.

My confusion lies in part with the fact that I don’t know what “Sync Store Name” means.

The Store Name is the name of the “folder” (a .dtCloud file) Sync will use to store its data in a Sync Location.

If this is a new Sync, you need to give it a name. The best option is to have it simple (ie. easy to remember or type), no punctuation except underscores or hyphens, and it’s best if it’s one word. For example, I have syncStores named s3709, s3_Dropbox, and AllDatabases.