Switched to iCloud sync and Trash not syncing


I was excited to move to iCloud sync as I have a lot more storage available in iCloud. Everything seemed to work fine, but I have had several instances of deleting an item on an iOS device, emptying the trash on that device, syncing the data, and that item still appears in the trash on my Mac. This didn’t used to happen when I was syncing through Dropbox.

Is this coincidence? From reading the forums, it sounds like iCloud and Dropbox should sync the same way, so I can’t account for what’s gong on. Any recommendations?


It’s possible that iCloud didn’t up/download all data in the background yet. In addition, please verify the sync store (see e.g. contextual menu in Preferences > Sync)

The Trash is syncing via iCloud as expected here.

So sorry, I don’t understand what’s meant by “verify the sync store”. What action am I looking for via the contextual menu?


Right-click the sync location in Preferences > Sync and choose Verify Location Quickly.
Note you can hold the Option key with the context menu open to choose Verify Location Thoroughly.

Thanks. Both my Macs are both quickly and thoroughly verified on iCloud.

I’m guessing this is just a timing issue. I have heard in the past that the syncing frequency in iCloud is a bit random, don’t know if you have any information about that. I will just try not to expect it to happen too quickly all the time.

Most likely correct. iCloud does what iCloud does.