Switching among open DB windows and retaining window attribu

OK kiddies, this post is not yet another one about windows irrationally jumping around the screen unbidden. It’s a different question, or perhaps just an idle observation.

Say I have several DBs open but only one DTPO window. This means that when I switch from DB A to DB B by clicking the DB’s name in the Open Databases list, DB B replaces DB A in that window, and the window itself retains the size and position as DB A, the previous occupant of that window.

If, on the other hand, I open DB B in its own window by selecting File > New Window > B, DB B opens in its own window with all the characteristics it had when it was last closed: Size of window, size of panes, position on the monitor, etc.

Is it possible for DTPO to automatically resize and reposition a DB’s window when opened from the Open Databases list, the same as it does when selecting it to open in a new window?

Just curious. If this isn’t currently possible, could the DT team add it to the (ever-growing) feature wish-list? And please note that for me it’s a low-priority feature.


That often not being a desirable method of opening a database is the primary motivation behind my suggestion for a Open Database in New Window command.

Databases are only listed under File > New Window > … if they’re already open.

But File > Open Recent > … will sometimes (not always, though for some reason more frequently recently :confused:) open a db in a new window with its retained attributes like you’ve described. And those attributes aren’t necessarily retained from the window where the db was last closed, which is what I was questioning and hoping for an explanation of at the end of my post linked to above. Seems that when a db is closed from a reused window it doesn’t retain that window’s attributes.

After futzing around with this a lot today the only thing that’s clear is I still don’t fully comprehend v2 multi-db/window behavior. Trying to accurately describe my current (mis)understanding might seem like gobbledygook now… at least to me. :wink:

Seems you’re suggesting what I did in:

create new window when opening/switching database

Didn’t notice 'til now that overlaps with the topic I started earlier today.

I’m satisfied to start with DTech’s acknowledgement of any of the three threads. :slight_smile: