Switching sync from Dropbox to iCloud

I don’t mind that the database is busy, I understand that’s natural, which is exactly why it’s so annoying being presented with an error message evertime it happens. :slight_smile:

The triangle indicates an error (in this case a “Database busy.” error which appeared as soon as I turned on Bonjour sync to my local laptop). It blocks out the normal “dot” showing if changed are queued to be synced, and in order to clear the triangle I have to click the sync button and press another “Clear” button, only for the triangle to pop up again soon. This just feel like unnecessary work for removing an unnecessary “error” that blocks (even if just slightly) my normal workflow in the app.

So I prefer whatever sync option that’s reasonably quick, reliable and does not throw errors as soon as I turn it on. In this case CloudMe is the only sync option I’ve found that ticks all those boxes. But I realize this is totally a personal experience and preference. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just want to note that even if I called the message an error in the text above, which it might not technically be (I actually can’t tell what the purpose of the message is), the argument is the same whether you call it a message, notification, or something else.

So basically, you are disappointed it doesn’t work as you expect it to work for something (multi-user access) it wasn’t ever designed to be. Am I missing anything?

You must be as I’m not using this with multiple users. The database can be busy for various reasons, including syncing to a separate client or cloud provider.

My point is that if you only have one user at a time then Bonjour sync is fine.

If you do have multiple simultaneous users, then some other solution is needed such as a cloud sync store.

that seems reasonable. so it is not that “database busy” is a problem which some people (not me) think is a problem. Is it just that Bonjour does not help the use case of many users (people) and /or devices hitting the machine that has “accept incoming” frequently and simultaneously for a “long-running” sync?

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Hi all.

Maybe a sidestep from the original question but nevertheless maybe interesting for ya all: I use pCloud webDAV connection to sync a ca. 25GB database with photos. Is works very fast. I recently switched from their USA servers to their servers in Europe, and syncing is now even faster. Up to now had no single issue or error.

Their pricing is very resonable. For what it is worth to you all: https://www.pcloud.com/eu for more info.

Regards, Peter.

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The lifetime plan is going cheap today, too - is pCloud webdav compatible with pCloud Encryption? I can’t find any details on webdav use on their site.

To be honest: I don’t know. What I know is that a sync is first put in local Disk Cache, and then synced. So I presume pCloud Encryption is working there too.

Also of interest is that pCloud supports LAN-sync, which means your sync is almost immediatly visible in DEVONthink in the second local Mac (I use iMac and MacBook Pro both localy). Kind of win-win :-).

However: to be sure about your question, I recommend to contact their support. They nomally answer quickly.

Regards, Peter.

I vote for CloudMe. Nothing but trouble for years with Dropbox until I switched over.

CloudMe “just works” for me.

Good luck.

What I know is that a sync is first put in local Disk Cache

  • Are you putting a local sync store in a local pCloud directory?
    • If so, why - seeing as it appears pCloud has WebDAV capabilities?


No, I do not put the DVth databases in a local pCloud sync-directory, since you strongly advice not to do so. The databases are in a subfolder under Documents and synced via webDAV.

I just wanted to “underline” that pCloud has LAN-sync capabilities, like DropBox has, which makes syncing of folders between my two Macs very fast.

Regards, Peter.

That link misbehaves on my iPad: instead of opening the website, it wants me to load their app. Very weird.

If you see a link Pricing, click/tap, and then scroll down. There you can find info on all features of this service.

I switched from Dropbox to iCloud some time ago. It does not have the issues Dropbox has, but can be somewhat eccentric, and sync can be slow (think 10-15 mins for sync, sometimes more), even for minor data changes.

As far as switching, first MAKE BACKUPS … you can never have too many. Just Close DT, and make sure you have a copy of your DT backups in a safe place. Then, switch OFF Dropbox sync before you try to turn ON iCloud sync. Other than that, there is nothing special to do. However, I would advise turning iCloud Sync ON on your computer first, and letting it sync overnight with sleep disabled (so it doesnt go to sleep). Then turn on sync to/from other devices after that initial sync to iCloud is done.

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I switch to CloudKit and so far so good (my main OnGoing Stuff database is about 15Gb). Dropbox would cause issues every few weeks.

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I used CloudMe for a couple of years and it was fine. But I then switched to NutStore and haven’t looked back. It’s fast, cheap and reliable

Good to know.