Switching sync from iCloud legacy to CloudKit

Two years ago I gave up my Mac and since then I use DTTG exclusive with iPad and iPhone. Syncing was always a bottleneck and I would be happy to switch to the faster CloudKit option. Here is what I want to do:

  1. Download every database completely to the iPad
  2. Establish CloudKit as a sync store beside iCloud (legacy)
  3. Allow syncing all databases completely to CloudKit sync store
  4. Disable iCloud (legacy) sync for every database and disable the sync store
  5. Perform step 4 on my iPhone and resync after doing step 2

Is this the way to go or am I heading for disaster? I am aware that I will not be able to purge/remove the iCloud legacy sync store until I can access it via DTP on a Mac but in the meantime I got enough storage space.

This sounds entirely feasible. You just need to set the Download Files in the Info popup for each database to Always.