Switching sync method to Bonjour

I am using DT Pro and currently have 2 databases created: the first database (A) is indexed while the second database (B) is imported. The databases currently sync via Cloudkit but I would like to switch the syncing method to Bonjour to increase reliability.

Can someone walk me through the steps to make this change? Is it as simple as unchecking “iCloud (Cloudkit)” under the Sync preferences and then setting up Bonjour? Or do I need to do something extra to not confuse things? Thanks!

The sync methods are independent of each other.

  • Are you only syncing DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go as well?
    • If DEVONthink To Go, are you using a shallow sync, i.e., Download Files: On demand there?

Thanks! I am currently not using DTTG although I plan to in the future.

Not sure entirely what you mean by being independent of each other, though. It sounds like you are saying that it is possible to have both syncs turned on at the same time, but I would not need or want to do that.

So, can I go ahead uncheck the Cloudkit sync and enable the Bonjour sync option?

They are independent in the sense the sync data belongs to each location and is not shared or transferred to other locations, including different sync methods. So there is no prep work that needs to happen in DEVONthink before switching to a new sync method.

However, if you’re going to stop using CloudKit, I would suggest you Control-click the sync location, and choose Clean Location first. This will remove the sync data and free up space in your iCloud account. Then set up Bonjour. I’d suggest this page as a reference…

I changed sync from CloudKit to Bonjour because CloudKit sync became completely unreliable here (iMac, MacBook and iPad). Lots of errors on all devices and I really was thinking about dropping DEVONthink. But when I went from CloudKit to Bonjour I had no more errors and all devices are completely in sync now.


Unfortunately it’s the lately poor reliability of the CloudKit servers which we can’t control.

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