Switching WebDAV servers


I’m trying to create a new sync store on a different WebDAV server than the one I’m currently using for DTTG. I’m syncing the Inbox + 2 databases.

I’ve configured the new server and entered its settings in DT. DT logs in and everything’s fine.I untick the old server location. Then, in the new server location, I enable the Inbox, which gets uploaded. I then enable my first database, which gets uploaded as well.

Now I would like to test the correct sync with DTTG. On iOS, I enter the new server settings, which are recognized. I disabled the old location. In the new location I enable the Inbox, and everything’s OK.

Now I enable my first database. After a few seconds I get the message (I’m translating from French): “This database hasn’t been entirely downloaded. Downloading it to a new location will cause issues because some elements will be missing.”

I’ve stopped here because I don’t want to lost data. What does this message mean? The database has indeed never been downloaded completely to the iOS device, because most folders are set to Manual. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

You can ignore this warning as long as all contents were already uploaded by DEVONthink 3 on the Mac (e.g. search for item:pending in DEVONthink 3 to check whether there are any items in your databases without local copies).

OK, I’ve done that and there are no pending items, so I tapped “Continue” in iOS. However, it seems to be downloading the entire thing back again — i.e. all the files that had been downloaded to the device previously. Is this normal? I thought it would just compare the database contents and see they’re identical.

The databases are merged in such cases, depending on the database more or less data has to be downloaded for this.