Sync advice needed by Newbie

I am new to DTP 3.8 and also DTTG 3.2.4 on my Mac with OS 12.0.1 and am about as confused as I can possibly be!

I have created a database on my Mac and encrypted it. What is the best method to sync between my Mac, and my iPad and iPhone? I set it up at first using iCloud (CloudKit). Syncing worked once but upon investigation of the files, when I want to look at one and expect to do so after downloading it to my device, it does not download. The command is grayed out and nothing happens. Should I be syncing using Bonjour? What should I be encrypting? Each individual database I want to keep secure? The sync method? I am not opposed to starting completely from scratch with all of this.

Sigh. I am confused and out of my element here so I could appreciate some kind and helpful advice.

I recently have used Mariner’s Paperless program … for years … but it is no longer playing nicely on my system and I fear in danger of losing my important files. I want to replace that with DTP.


I use iCloud (Cloudkit) for syncing
This uses a sync store; space on my iCloud account

Bonjour is valid for syncing; faster and eliminates the need for a sync store
Downsides - both devices must be running, and connected to the same local network

Do you use the CloudKit or Legacy location for your syncing? … Not that I understand the difference.

Thank you!

CloudKit syncs directly to Apple’s servers.
Legacy syncs locally and iCloud processes handle the sync to and from Apple’s servers.

Thank you for that. It’s helpful. So, if I understand this correctly then, Bonjour will only sync while both devices are on the same network so that if I was away from that network, but needed to pull up a pdf in my database that wasn’t downloaded to it, I could not do so … unless I use CloudKit or Legacy?