Sync and OCR Question

Hello all,
I am calling on this community since you get the best and most concise answers here:
I am a lawyer and am regularly in need of indexing and importing files and having thrm at the office and in court.
a. are files automatically ocr-ed if I index them?
b. If there are several folders, do I always have to choose the folders and the pdf files single? Or is there a possibility to choose a bulk - e.g. a folder - and have all contained files ocr-ed?
Can I move indexed files on my laptop?
2. I seem to not get the sync function. If I have a file I sometimes have it on my DevonThink To Go phone, sometimes it‘s not there. Sonetimes I have it at the office or on my court laptop, sometimes not. Is there a way that everything is automatically synced to all my devices?

First off: It might be worth your while to read the fine manual that comes with DEVONthink. It helps to understand how indexing and importing work.

No. Nor if you import them, unless you set up a smart rule to do this.

You have to choose the files you want to OCR, and those can be a bunch. Selecting a folder does not work since a folder can’t be OCR’d, only the contents of it

Of course you can. But if you mean if you can do that without consequences for the database referring to these indexed files in DT: no, certainly not. Indexing is not linking, DT does not follow indexed files when they’re moved.

Again: Please read the manual on syncing. If you need help after following its recommendations and the steps to set up syncing, please open a separate thread for that and describe in detail your situation

  • which devices are you using
  • what sync method do you use/do you want to use

And please make sure that you understand the intricacies of indexing in relation to a sync: Indexed files must be accessible to all devices you want to use them on. If you index a file on machine A and said file is not available on machine B (i.e. it doesn’t exist in the same folder hierarchy there), you’ll not be able to access its content. Unsurprisingly.