Sync / best practice?

Got this so wrong in the past, and have had a search but not found a question as dumb as mine :smiley:

Main DB on one Mac, syncs to drop box, all seems fine.
Other Mac only has tiny SSD, however, it will have to keep a copy of the Main DB on it. Therefore seems best to have a direct connection and let it sync that way.

This means I set up both Macs to Allow Incoming Connections. Then on the second Mac I choose Import DB first. Once it has imported I can then sync away, as my leisure time allowes :laughing:

–EDIT = Had to hit sync on the first Mac to get the DB across and it worked.

This means I can work on Main DB on both Macs and resolve conflicts, if and when.
I can set Dropbox not to store the APP folder on both machines, saving a lot of space.
The dropbox sync then becomes a sort of back up.

Phew, I is right?

Okay, so here is the problem.

On the Second Mac is says never sync’d for Main DB.
When I choose add direction connection it sets it up.

When I hit sync it brings up the asking for a code pop up, and then the already existing DB message (once code entered). This I then stopped.

So how should I set up syncing from the Second Mac to the First Mac, on a DB that is sync’d from the First Mac.

Another phew?

I should add that if I add a document to the Main DB on the Second Mac and hit sync on the First Mac it does appear. Just need a way to force the sync on the Second Mac.

Basically, yes. (To your first post.)

But I wouldn’t consider the Sync data a true backup; a good backup plan should rely on more than a transient copy of database data (transient, in the sense that it may be changed each time Sync is performed). Make sure you have a good backup strategy in place. I use Time Machine when my MacBook Pro is on my desk, making hourly backups. I also make Database Archive backups of my most important databases once in a while. One or the other should be stored offsite, in case of a fire or theft resulting in the loss of all computer equipment.

I’ve taken to saving Time Machine backups to two portable drives rotated every few days to a safety deposit box at my bank. In the worst case I can get a new Mac, pick up the portable drive backup and be up and running in a couple of hours, having lost changes or additions to data for just a few days. Given the download speed and (importantly) the monthly data limits of my satellite access to the Internet, cloud storage of a full backup of my computer would take months to recover. With gigabit speed and no data limits, I might operate differently, but that isn’t my case.

Remember, of course, that if you use a backup utility, it doesn’t check your DEVONthink databases for errors (the Database Archive procedure does, but stops and alerts you in that case, as does the Sync procedure). Get into the habit of checking your databases with Tools > Verify & Repair once in a while to make certain that they are in good shape.

Yep, have a TM for a proper backup, just trying to think why I might use the dropbox sync or if I even need it.

A tip is to turn off RSS refresh on the second Mac, as that seems to cause conflicts when syncing, and is also unneeded.

Any chance of finding out how to add a sync to the second Mac, just incase I need to force an update before it does it itself.