Sync beta 2 for tags and groups

Hi there,

I’ve been using the sync beta 2 for about a week. I had a couple of minor data errors initially but all seems to be stable now.

I like to set the sorting to “unsorted” for tags and groups. This means I can manually order them which I like. Although the manual ordering does not seem to sync. Is that intentionally, or have I missed something?



No, sort info does not Sync.

I’ll post this here instead of starting a new thread:

I too was hoping to see sort order be synced, as the order in which files and folders are placed is a really important part of my workflow (and, I imagine, that of many others too). I hope that this will be included in a future update please?

Focusing on the present - I’m trying to think of ways to ‘force’ syncing of my preferred order. One thing I thought about was to add sequential numbers to Spotlight Comments and then select to sort by Spotlight Comments. Of course that would add quite a lot of time to my workflow (not to mention updating the tens and tens of thousands of files I already have) but I was wondering if others may have found alternative methods?


There are a number of scripts posted in this forum which can be used to consequentially number documents, generally by adding a prefix to the name, although it is only a one line change to add this numbering into the spotlight comment field instead.

If you only work with pdfs, the first script in this thread will work for you.