Sync between two Mac's via local sync store on NAS

I’m using DT3 for years on one Mac, it just works fine. Now I was trying to use my 2nd seat license on my MacBook in addition. DT version is the same on both Mac’s - DT 3.8.3. So, I setup an additional local sync store on my NAS (WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra) in a public folder, accessible from both Mac’s. After sync from the 1st Mac to this additional local sync store @NAS, the sync store seems to have received all files (more than 10.000 files synced and size went up to 7GB). So then I setup a new database on the MacBook and “connect” this new database with the local sync store @ NAS. When I trigger the sync, it just does something for a fraction of a second, states that sync happened “Letzte Synchronisierung Heute, 11:16:38” but there are no files transferred to the database on the 2nd Mac. There is now error message or protocol entry showing up to state if something went wrong. What can I do or do I miss some config steps?
Thanks in advance!

First: Do you even need that setup? Why not use Bonjour for syncing – that’s supposedly fast, easy to setup and reliable.

I don’t quite understand. Why would you use a local sync store on a NAS (which is in fact not really “local”, I’d say)? If I understand that setup correctly, you’d have to mount the folder from both Macs, and doing that is in my experience not a very reliable experience. In any case, you would not setup a second database on your second Mac but setup the sync options so that they point to the “local” sync store and then select the relevant databases.

All this has, btw, been described in the documentation and here very often.

If you absolutely want to use your NAS: Why not use WebDAV to synchronize? According to the documentation, your device supports that. And according to my experience, WebDAV is a painless and reliable way to sync. And you can even make it to work from outside, i.e. if you’re on the road.

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Thanks for providing help!
I don’t want to use Bonjour because in that use case, both Mac’s need to run in parallel.
Taking your advice, I was doing one small step now differently and it worked (choosing a remote database instead trying to sync into a new db).
So it works with NAS mounted to the respective Mac’s now. I’ll also try later using WebDAV.
Thanks again!!

Why would Bonjour preclude running the Macs in parallel? It is just a network protocol, so not much different from SMB or WebDAV. Except for the setup of course.

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To sync, both must be not only running but active…

Did you added the remote databases listed in the sync store to your local Mac?

I possibly misunderstood @MacSee when they said

I assumed that to mean “in my use case”, but they might have been meaning to say “Bonjour only works if both machines are running at the same time”. Which is true, of course.

But given that Bonjour is more reliable, faster and more private than iCloud sync, I guess that’s a minor drawback.


Yes, now it is working just fine.

I tried that and I forget the specific details but I frequently got messages that one of my machines was “busy” and Bonjouir would not work.

I found that WebDav on a local NAS or a local sync store are much more reliable.

Ultimately I have stuck with only WebDav. It is easy to set up on a NAS and offers redundancy not possible with Bonjour because if your computer goes down, you can keep syncing to the NAS from another computer and then later sync the fixed computer back up with the NAS.

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It’s easy if you’re sufficiently knowledgable, I agree. But we’ve seen some people struggling with it here, too.


Agreed. Runing your own WebDAV server isn’t impossible but it may take a bit more tech-savvy than many laypeople have or are willing to commit.