Sync Bookmarks with Browser?

I’m putting this here, since this doesn’t seem to be current feature (although perhaps I’m overlooking it). I’ve started to use DT to organize my bookmarks, and it would be great if I could sync the DT bookmarks with my browsers (or even just export them simply to Safari and Firefox). My main reason for this would be so that autocomplete would work in the address bar. Sound like a good idea?


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I’m not entirely sure I understand. I’ve got over a hundred bookmarks to pages in my DT Pro “Bookmarks” group.

When I select one of them the page opens in DT Pro’s browser.

Suppose this is a page for which I would like to use autocomplete. In that case I can simply click in the URL address field and the page will open in my default browser, where I can use autocomplete.

I’m assuming you mean autocompletion of standard information such as name, address when filling out a Web form?


I was thinking more along the lines of using DevonThink as my main bookmarking tool (instead of bookmarking in, say, Safari). That allows me to use keep my bookmarks independent of whatever browser I’m using at the moment. Given that use of DT, I would then find it very convenient if I could then sync the DT bookmarks (say in a Bookmarks folder) with my Safari (and Firefox) bookmarks, so that when I know the address of a frequently visited site (say,, the address bar in Safari will auto-complete the address quickly, say after typing “dev”, which it does for bookmarks that you have in Safari. That way I wouldn’t have to go into DT for every site I wanted to go to. Being able to sync my DT bookmarks with my Safari bookmarks (or simply being able to export them every now and then) would make that possible.Syncing might be too much for this simple task. A simple export from DT as a Safari (and Firefox, etc.) bookmark file would be sufficient (I know I can already import into DT). Does that make sense?


Hi, Doug. That might make sense, but can’t be done right now.

Actually, the reason I bookmark in DT Pro the sites that I frequently visit for downloading data to DT Pro is that the contextual menu options for downloading web page content (as rich text, HTML or Web Archive) are more convenient and flexible in DT Pro’s browser than the available options for downloading in Safari, and much more powerful than the options in Firefox.

I would love to see this option to export URLs to Netscape bookmark file or XBEL or OPML. I prefer to use Camino for browsing. Webkit doesn’t cut it for me.

Secondly, bookmarking for the sake of browsing is not the only reason I want this feature. Sometimes I need gather URLs of documents in my database. One can write an applescript to do this (which I did but I’m not leet enough to write one that can recursively scan folders, gather their titles & notes, and rewrite them to a proper HTML file) but, come on, the main reason I use DT is to make things easier for me.

Seeing what DT developers have done, surely it’s not a biggie at all for them to add this feature!