Sync current Mac DT with older iOS DTTG on old iOS?

I’ve got a (perhaps) unique setup, where I have the current version of DT Personal running on a (reasonably) current desktop Mac, and I have an older iPad Mini running a much older version of iOS (iOS 8.3). I’d like to sync my notes from the Mac to the iPad Mini, if possible. I went to see if there was a version of DTTG that would install on my old Mini, and was surprised to see that an older version available and I was able to install it (looks like v. 1.5.8 I think). It runs. So far so good, but…

I’m unable to figure out how to connect to the DT database on my Mac from the Mini. I am able to connect to that database on my iPhone and on a newer iPad, both of which are running the latest version of iOS and the latest version of DTTG, so the config on the server end appears to be OK.

My questions…

Should I be able to connect and sync my database from the current desktop version to this old iPad running old iOS and old DTTG?

If yes, how exactly to I make the connection to the database (which is available via Bonjour to my other, more up-to-date iOS devices)? I do not see anything or anyplace on the old iPad Mini to connect to a database.

I do understand I’m working with some old stuff here. Appreciate any help.


I don’t know where you found DTTG 1.x, but it is not supported and you cannot use it with current versions of DEVONthink.

Fair enough - I was actually quite surprised it was offered up at all.

As to how/where I found it, FYI:

I purchased DTTG (latest version) from iTunes and installed it on an iPad Pro running iOS 12.1.1. I also installed it (current version of DTTG) on my iPhoneX running iOS 12.1.2.

Then, on my old iPad Mini (which is running iOS 8.3), just for grins I went to the iTunes store and searched for DTTG. It showed the current version there, and - to my surprises - offered me the option of installing it. I shrugged and clicked ‘Install’. Then it popped a message saying the current version of DTTG could not be instaled, and asked if I wanted to install an older version that was compatible with my version of iOS. I figured sure, why not, so I did. It installed and appears to run OK, although I’ve been unable to access and sync with my database from the desktop client (which does work fine with the other two iOS devices).

So, I didn’t do anything special - I’m sure my experience is 100% repeatable by anyone who 1) has purchased and installed the current version on one device, and then 2) accesses the iTunes store from an older device running an older iOS that doesn’t support the current app. Apparently the way the app is set up in iTunes allows it to offer older versions for installation when the current version is incompatible with the installed version of iOS (which seems nice, and appropriate).

I’m not surprised that the combination is not supported nor surprised that it won’t work with the current desktop client. I just figured I’d ask.

DEVONthink To Go 1.5.8 is still available as a legacy install in the App Store. We haven’t pulled it because some people might still want to use it with also legacy copies of DEVONthink for Mac.