Sync DEVONthink over the Internet (Local Sync store)

I have been using Bonjour to directly sync my DEVONthink databases. This works quickly and reliably when on am on the same network. The problem is when I travel for a long time, the databases get far out of sync.

I see there are many fine options for indirect sync using things like Dropbox, iCloud, etc. If I am understanding how these work, they require the sync store to be hosted by the service, thus consuming remote/cloud storage. I do not want to put my DEVONthink databases on a remote host that I do not own and control.

Does anybody have experience with using a local sync store then sharing that local store with something like sshfs or syncthing? It seems like each DEVONthink database could treat the sync store as local, and sshfs or syncthing could insure they remain in alignment. I am sure I would need to do something like manually initiate sync where I mount the sshfs hosted directory prior to sync or something.

What about thing like some kind of P2P sharing, or a local davix?

My first question is: Why does it matter what state your computer at home is in while you’re away?

Do you have a spouse or assistant accessing it?

That is a good point. I have some things that are automatically getting added to the machine at home that I would like to see remotely. I might need to reconsider how important that is though.