Sync DEVONthink with Dropbox folder

I’ve imported some Dropbox folders into a database in DEVONthink. Now whenever I add, delete, or change a file in that Dropbox folder, I would like the same change to take place in my DEVONthink database. How do you do that? I have gone to Preferences > Sync and have added a Dropbox location. Now when I click sync it says my Dropbox location syncs. But if a make a change in the Dropbox folder, and then press to have my Dropbox location synced, the change does not appear in DEVONthink. I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

I do have Dropbox Smart Sync enabled, but the folders I am trying to sync are local folders.

I think I now see part of my problem. Clicking “sync” is used to sync the DEVONthink database on my mac with my Dropbox DEVONthink location, where a copy of my DEVONthink database is stored to be used on another device. But how do I keep my DEVONthink database on my mac in sync with the Dropbox folders I have imported?

You need to read up on “indexing” in the DT manual; that should answer your question.

That’s not completely true, but not really false either. You are describing a sync store; whilst that does contain the data in your database, it’s not a true copy of the database file. But anyhow, as you have yourself determined, sync and indexing (which is what you want to do) are two quite different things :slight_smile:

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Try File > Update Indexed Items, does this update the database as expected?

Ah. You are assuming the OP actually has indexed the folders, and is incorrectly using the term imported. Good thinking, Batman.

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Thanks. I’ve switched from importing to indexing.

Have you read this" Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing, especially the Indexing and the filesystem section?

This is a must read, especially if you’re indexing items in cloud-synced locations.

Yes, I did, after being directed here to the indexing/importing distinction. Appreciate the help.

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You’re welcome and I’m glad to hear it.
Indexing is a good and useful technology, but it should be carefully thought through.