Sync document ratings in DTTG

DDTG provides certain metadata such as label and flags.

Can rating also be included?

My workflow uses rating to indicate the overall importance of journal articles. I use flag to indicate higher priority things that I am currently working on and need quick access to. I use labels to indicate certain status states related to my workflow.

DTTG allows me to view the flagged and labeled documents.

However, if I am trying to show a student an important journal article, I am unable to quickly access it due to no rating filter (I have thousands of articles and obviously can’t remember all the titles, so this mechanism provides quicker access)

This is definitely planned for upcoming releases.

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Use tags like “star1”, “star2”, “star3”, “pomm” (Puta Obra Maestra de Mierda, use Spanish translator fo this, a term for the max of the max of a novel in old science fiction Spanish nntp groups still used :innocent:).

I use tags solely to describe content