Sync does not resume when importing a database

When importing a database from a sync location, and having to cancel it, it does not resume, but starts again.

I waited patiently for a > 3Gb database to import, but right before completing I had to leave and turn the iMac off. When I returned and started the import it started again! This would be extremely frustrating and maybe impossible for very large databases if you cannot ensure the computer and internet connection are on 100% of the time for a long period.

Just curious why you had to turn the iMac off.

Went away for a few days and need to take it with me.

Sorry it was my MacBook not iMac!!

If the machine shuts down before completing a sync then the software can either

  1. just resume somehow (@amityweb’s scenario),
  2. inspect the database and the destination data store and make a decision, somehow, about where to resume,
  3. start from the beginning (current behavior), or
  4. do nothing.

No one wants (4). That leaves us with (1), (2) or (3). If DEVONthink does (1) then it would be unreliable and untrustworthy. Why? Because it is not checking to determine the current state of your data and the destination and will inevitably damage something. Maybe not every time, but some time. That would make DEVONthink a bad product. So, then DEVONthink should either do (2) or (3). It cannot do (2) without looking at the entire database and everything in it. (2) and (3) probably take relatively the same amount of time, and because error checking usually involves multiple passes (2) might actually take longer than (3). So, DEVONthink does (3). It might be annoying from time to time, but the one time you really need your data to be secure and validated is the time you’d be satisfied with the current approach.

Just a thought.

Ok thanks. It’s just other syncing applications I use resume. I also use rsync which resumes just fine. It checks if any of the already imported data has changed to reimport. I understand what your saying but as other apps can do it perhaps DT could to. It’s just taking me a long long time to get my initial import onto my MacBook I don’t think it should be this hard.