Sync doesn't seem to work

Using latest version of DT 3 and DTTG. I create a database and populate it - for example two folders in it one call Recipes and one call Things To Read. Go to iphone and set up icloud sync and it seems to work. The INITIAL data comes over. However, from that point forward new items on the Mac don’t go to phone and modifications made on phone don’t move to mac. . .I manually synce them and nothing.

Any ideas?

I had lots of sync issues with DTTG where searches after the latest sync showed differing results. DTPO seemed to find all (or most) results where DTTG found fewer.

In one example it was 11 matches on DTPO and 8 or 9 in DTTG. Same exact data.

(Never resolved it and got refund on DTTG.)

Welcome @actx2. In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Welcome @palendrome

Did you open a support ticket on the issue?

Yes, but at that time, your developer seemed more interested in getting dark mode working for DTTG. I offered, and I think you were part of those postings (under different user name I had then) to help debug the problem, but nothing came of that. It’s been a while now, but as I recall, the most I got was “we can’t reproduce this.”

I’ve since gotten a refund of DTTG. I could buy it again and work with you if you would be able, but I’m afraid I’ll have the same issues and, needing sync to be correct, would again need another refund.

Suggestions welcome. :slight_smile: