Sync: DropxBox Apps vs Applications folder

In the DPTO tutorial, there is a tips to deselect the DropBox Apps folder to save some space / gain efficiency. However, I notice when I open my DropBox advanced menu than the Apps folder is empty and all Sync activities seems to happen with the Applications folder instead i.e. I see a DEVONthink folder within the Applications folder thaw two more folders (databases and transactions).

Is this a change in behaviour from DropBox, a mistake from the Devon team in the tutorial, …? Should the Application folder also be excluded?


Interesting, in my case, the Applications folder is empty and the DevonThink folder is within the Apps folder …

Anyway, no matter Devontechnologies recommendations, you should never deselect the Apps or Applications folder. This may result in data loss, as has been observed by several users elsewhere in the forums. Instead, deselect the DEVONThink folder.


I suggest a little caution in your own recommendation here. :confused:

@elbe05: Unchecking the Apps/DEVONthink folder should be sufficient. This keeps Dropbox from syncing the changes back to your machine. And FYI - none of the Sync is done through the Dropbox application. (I rarely have Dropbox running personally.) Sync uses their API that works outside the app. It’s just DEVONthink talking back and forth with the Dropbox service.

Juts want to underline again that my DropBox Apps folder is empty. The DEVONthink folder is in another folder called Applications. I am starting to wonder if this is because I run the French version of DropBox…

Thanks again

I have no DEVONthink folder either. After excluding it from Dropbox’s Selective Sync Advanced Prefs, it removed it. This is absolutely fine (and must have been a change on Dropbox’s end since we aren’t affecting this change.)

Did I say something wrong? As I said before I am not a native speaker of English, so perhaps I unknowingly said something that was not polite? In that case I apologize! Or did I say something incorrect? In that case I like to know what was wrong.


It’s all good. Just the wording sounds like it’s just safe to ignore our company recommendations. While we are not perfect and we often learn from our Users, we know the applications from a perspective Users don’t have. No worries - we’re still friends. :smiley:

I see what you mean. Okay.

Of course, I didn’t mean it in such a general way. Next time I’ll say something like “notwithstanding the recommendations concerning this issue in the help file”!


In my experience it has always been the case that when you deselect a folder in Dropbox’ advanced preferences that that folder and its contents disappear from your dropbox folder on your mac (by ‘always’ I mean: ever since Dropbox features selective sync).

However, I have the impression that the original poster is not talking about the appearance of the DEVONThink folder in the Dropbox folder on his or her mac, but rather about its appearance in the selective sync menu of the Dropbox preferences:

This is unusual or new and a bit strange isn’t it?


@elbe05… you should be seeing something like this…Dropbox.png