Sync DTP-clipped webpages w/ browsers?

I’ve clipped scores of webpages in DTP, and am wondering: Is there a way to sync them with my browsers’ bookmarks/folders?

If so, how?

If not, what’s another approach for creating some kind of syncing between these DTP-clipped/stored webpages and those in browsers’ bookmarks/folders?


No you can’t Sync them with browsers, and the browsers often use their own mechanism how to store them.

A simple option useful for Safari, is to show the Bookmarks sidebar, then drag and drop Bookmarks from DEVONthink into that area.

Thanks very much for the suggestion. I guess the only problem with this approach is that one would have to periodically drag and drop Bookmarks from DEVONthink to Safari’s Bookmarks sidebar when adding new bookmarks to DEVONthink, correct?

Correct… or use a browser-agnostic Bookmark tool (though I can’t advocate one. Just offering an option.)

Another thought… I wondered if there would be a way to bookmarking pages in Safari – or some kind of “browser-agnostic Bookmark tool” (have no idea which one) – and then Indexing those webpages into DTP. Any chance that might work?

I’m just trying to keep bookmarks somewhat centralized so that they’re not dispersed all over the place. Happy to consider any other ideas / suggestions…


I use Pinboard for that purpose. It’s an online bookmarking (and tagging) service. And then there is a script that imports your Pinboard bookmarks into DT: New Pinboard import and update script

How important is it to you to have your bookmarks directly in your browser? For instance, to use type-ahead in Safari’s address bar?

Wow. The Pinboard interface sounds great! I’ve considered getting it, but have often wondered how it would work with some of the website that I save w/ DTP.

So, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that instead of syncing my bookmarks and website that I save w/ DTP, I would import my Pinboard bookmarks into DT. Is that right?

I mostly use my browser for sundry things that I wouldn’t need to access in DTP. Instead, there are work-specific bookmarks and website that I save w/ DTP for my projects, and then want to easily access while I’m working in Safari or some other browser. Based on that, do you still think the Pinboard + script would work for my purposes?

Thanks for your help!

No, it wouldn’t.

Frist, my script imports bookmarks from Pinboard to DT. It does not export from DT to Safari - although I could add that feature. In any case, to make my script work within your workflow, you’d bookmarks links in Safari via Pinboard, then fire up DT to import the links from Pinboard, then export them to Safari to have them ready.

You could also invest in Delibar or similar tools that expose your Pinboard bookmarks and make them searchable.

One more suggestion: Keep collecting your bookmarks in DT. Use a script to export them to Safari. Cut out the middle man, so to speak.

Oh, and do you use DEVONagent?

Second, and most importantly, you refer to DTP. It that DEVONthink Pro or Personal? The Personal edition lacks scripting support.

Hey there,

I just realized I didn’t respond to the last think you wrote…sorry about that, but thanks so much for your input! I just reposted a similar query, but spelling out what I’m seeking / trying to solve with a bit more specificity – in this post.

I’m curious if you’ve changed or updated your approach – or have any other ideas / suggestions. Thanks again!

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Just touching base to see if you’ve updated your approach to this since our last exchange. Thanks!

Nope, I didn‘t. I guess I think of my browser tabs as ephemeral, whereas data in DTP is retained forever.