Sync DTTG on devices family members with same encryption key

Hello, I was wondering whether I can sync a DTTG on multiple devices but over multiple family members… I tried to do this with the same encryption key but this seems to fail… My wife DTTG is not synced with my iPhone or ipad…

What sync mechanism do you use?

Using iCloud or Dropbox you would have to share the same iCloud login name or Dropbox login

iCloud cannot be used unless the syncing devices are logged into the same Apple ID. It is made for personal syncing.

Your simplest option would be to use a Bonjour sync when you’re on a local network.

I was wonder, now that Apple gives users the possibility to make shared folder s in iCloud (macos Catalina and ios 13.4)… wouldn’t this gives Devontechnologies the possibility to use icloud among different users to sync their DTTG with one main database on a macbook ?

At least theoretically. Due to the way iCloud Drive works a local sync store in iCloud Drive can’t have an extension, otherwise iCloud Drive likes to copy the latest version of the package from one computer to the other ones instead of synchronizing its contents. In addition, due to the unfortunately way too often poor performance and reliability of iCloud Drive we definitely wouldn’t recommend it for multiple users.