Sync email folders?

Is there a way to synchronize an email folder (in Mail) with a group/folder in DTPO? I’m taking an online class on Photoshop. I’ve made a group in DTPO for the class. In a subgroup, I’m putting all the email messages pertaining to the class. In Apple Mail, I have a Smart Mailbox that captures all the relevant emails. Is there a way to have the contents of the Smart Mailbox automatically added to/synchronized with my DTPO group, rather than having to add new ones manually, so to speak?


No, there is not an easy way other than using some APpleScript examples and create custom Mail rule with it.

I’m interested if DT can reference Mails at all. So not making a copy within its own realm.

You could store a message: url but it won’t display anything properly. For that it needs to be imported as an eml file.

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