Sync from Finder Folder - Color Labels Not Syncing

When I sync from a Folder in Finder only a few of the colour labels in Finder sync to DEVONthink. I presume the expected behavious is the colour labels should all sync. Are there any issues here and how can I achieve a sync of all colour labels from Finder. I note where the colour label is not in place the side bar notes a green tag (but no green label).

Appreciate any comments. Thanks.

How do you „sync“ with a folder? Do you mean „import“? Or „index“? Or something else?

sorry - should have said index!

Finder labels do not and never have imported (nor indexed) as colored labels in DEVONthink.

Actually that’s not true for quite some time. DEVONthink matches the Finder’s labels to DEVONthink’s labels while importing/indexing. This requires either an identical description or color of the labels.

Interesting, though I am seeing it applying the color only when the name matches the Finder label name, regardless of the color set in DT’s Color preferences.

Thank you for this. I thought I was going crazy when Bluefrog said it wasn’t a thing. It is very patchy though. I tried to replicate what I previously had done a couple of days ago and I had zero success with indexed color labels coming across (including those that previously had come across) to DEVONthink from Finder. There is a bug in Somona (possibly quite unconnected to this matter) impacting on labels invoked within Desktop and Documents if it is synced to iCloud. For example, if you use Pathfinder or Forklift colour labels for a brief moment show the correct colour and then promptly turn grey. As I am going to be travelling in Europe for a couple of months ex Australia I was curious to see how all this ends up on my DTTG. It’s a rabbit hole that I should retreat from! :roll_eyes: Thanks for the feedback!

So your Label colors in DEVONthink are named Red, Green, etc.?

I had actually never run into this as the default label names aren’t their color names. We also have shared labels for an internal database that are different colors and names.

Oh I just had the default names in DEVONthink. I have changed them to match Finder but this did not seem to work. In Devonthink I get a tag saying Blue but no Blue label. Its 5.40 am here in Australia - will experiment later in day and update you. Did I say I was retreating from this rabbit hole? :rofl:

At your lesiure and conenience. No rush here either!

So I named all the colours in DEVONthink the same as Finder names.

I did a test import and text index with 7 folder and 7 files - each with one of the default colours. The test folders were in the home directory. This seemed to work as expected in both cases but there seems to be issue with grey colour, In case of indexing if you subsequently change the label in Finder the change does not index. Also in Finder some files were populated by two colours the second being a roque entry.

I also did the same thing with a folder in the Documents directory which I indexed. I have this in iCloud. Unlike the above no labels were displayed in Devonthink but the colour tags were listed in the Info sidebar.

@cgrunenberg would have to comment further but…

  • In the case of more than one Finder label, only the last one applied is converted to a DEVONthink label. Others are just converted to a tag with the color name.
  • I don’t know if changing a label on an indexed item in the Finder would update the label in DEVONthink.

The Finder label is only used when importing/indexing but not when updating indexed items. This is basically just intended for backwards compatibility to classic Finder labels which were comparable to DEVONthink’s labels.

It’s unclear what macOS considers to be the Finder label on modern macOS versions (probably the last/most recent tag), tags are not really identical to the former labels (but tags are also imported/indexed).

Ich glaube ich habe das gleiche Problem und es gibt keine Lösung, richtig?:

Ich habe die Ordner im Finder farblich unterschiedlich dargestellt um Dateien besser auseinanderhalten zu können. Gibt es einen Weg das auch Devonthink die Farben korrekt dupliziert? Das Foto zeigt links den Finder und rechts die Devonthink Daten. Die Colorierung auf der rechten Seite wurde beim Neuanlegen der Datenbank übernommen.
Das neue Einfärben nach Erstellung der Datenbank wird aber leider nicht mehr übernommen.

Ein eventuell benutzerdefiniertes Icon wird zwar beim Importieren/Indizieren übernommen, anschließend ist eine Änderung aber nur per Info > Allgemein-Inspektor manuell möglich.

Danke, Schade.

Allerdings bin ich immer wieder begeistert über Euren tollen Service. Schneller geht’s nicht und immer kompetent. Jetzt aber ab in’s Wochenende :wink: