Sync icon greyed?

Suddenly it is greyed out? What can I do?


The first step is to make sure that the wi-fi connection is active before launching DTTG. If the iPhone is still on the Edge/3G network when the app is launched, the sync icon will remain gray even when the wi-fi network becomes available. If that’s the case, exit the app and launch it again.

It is an IPad - it is on the wifi - same as my MacBook Pro with the DevonThink main app.

This happens frequently here, especially when I do several syncs within a short time. Apart from that, sync works flawlessly. I solve the problem by exiting the app and starting it again just like Greg suggested - or simply double clicking the home button and tapping into the app screen - then the sync icon is no longer greyed out and can be selected.

OK - I’ll try these tricks. I might also be a network/router problem - because today, at work, the sync-button is no longer grayed, although I can’t “see” my laptop from my IPad.


This looks like a router problem. Please make sure all protocols and ports are allowed on your network.