Sync in Second Mac with Indexed files in Dropbox

I have some kind of question about next scenario:

Mac A acts as “server”. It index a folder that is stored in a Dropbox folder. DT syncs DB via WebDAV server.

Mac B acts as a “client”. It has the same folder in Dropbox (in the same local path, as both Mac have the same account name), and uses the WebDAV server remote database to sync its local databases.

Assume we now modify/add some files in A. Dropobox syncs the files and DT syncs the index into WebDAV server.

Situation 1:
Next day you open (is a Macbook Pro) the lid of B and both Dropbox and DT starts syncing. However, DT syncs before Dropbox has had time to sync the files because files are way bigger than the index itself (for example).

Situation 2:
Same but with the new PUSH stuff and PowerNap.

Is there any chance that DT in B delete the updated not found files in Dropbox folder? I ask this because sometimes in my MacBook Pro (B device) there are some files in Mac dust bin, removed from Dropbox, and some of those files are the same that were updated/changed in A a day (or sometime) before…

PS: I changed those files from iCloud Drive to Dropbox because this thing happened with a lot more frequency than in Dropbox, but seems it still happens in Dropbox.

Unless you explicitly empty the database’s Trash in DEVONthink, DEVONthink doesn’t put files in the system Trash.

Aha!!! :smiley:

They were in Mac Trash, not in DT Trash… Then guilty must be other…


PS: One sometimes fixes in one idea and it is so evident wrong but you don’t notice it until someone externally tells you. :laughing:

Indeed! It’s why we can’t proofread our own writing. Cheers!