Sync index database from DT3

can DTTG sync indexed folder of DT3? I index a one drive folder to DT3. And sync this with DTTG. The database (with the indexed folder as one group) is shown on the DTTG, but it say ‘not yet synced’. does it mean that DTTG can’t sync indexed folder?

No. It means the database hasn’t been synced.

However, DEVONthink To Go does not support indexed files as DEVONthink does, so it will not point to files on your OneDrive folder.

Quit DEVONthink To Go then disable/enable the database in the sync location again.

thank you! it works now!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, there. The same question come to me again. I purchased DTTG 3, and using (yes, still) the trial DT version. I use DTTG mainly to capture on-line search materials, so I can further ‘process the data’ when I get to office (mainly) using window and one-drive. I do sometime continue the work back home, where I use my mac (with a trial DT version). I really want to reorganise my work flow, still i try not to work as heavy at home, so using mac with DT would be a secondary thing for me.

Since my office computer don’t have devonthink, so I need to work out how to work best, to pick-up the materials I fetch on-the-go with DTTG (and my iPhone/ipad), and then read/annotate/write paper with those when I am back in office. So I do hope that, some link can be built between DTTG and my one drive.

Back in 2019, i am told that DTTG couldn’t index ONe drive direct. I wonder if it can be now? Or any alternative for me to make it work. I think getting all things connect is dream of every one. So I can pick up just right-at-the-spot.

So if I index ONe drive with DT with mac. Any way I can indirectly sync with my ipad? Any suggestion to me?

I do want to use DT more heavily as it’s really a good system. I feel that I don’t do it the justice in using it well. Thanks.

Since 2019? Seems a very thorough trial to me.

AFAIK: no.

Did you read the DT user manual on these topics (import vs. index, syncing etc.)?

You can’t index OneDrive (or other cloud services’) files online, but if you have a local folder it can be indexed.
However, you should read the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Indexing section as well as the *In & Out > Sync > Indexing and Sync section before committing to indexing.