Sync, indexed folders - what happens

I’m rethinking how handle files/documents/notes and have a question.

On computer A I have a DT database that I sync to Dropbox (account X) and then to computer B. This works just fine for me.

However, I’m considering adding indexed folders to the database and I wonder what will happen with those folders when I view them on A and B.

I have a couple of different scenarios here

1 - The files are only available on A. What happens when I view them on B
2 - The files are available on Dropbox (account Y) that is available on both A and B
3 - Which is my actual set up. The files are available on Dropbox (account Y) but this folder i actually a shared subfolder to the files that exist on Dropbox account Z.

Computer A has Dropbox account Y
Computer B has Dropbox account Z
and I use Dropbox account X for syncing files.

And yes, I know that this is weird setup but think work/private :smiley:

Hi. The best way, of course, is to test this out on your own (after making backups, or using a test database), but I think it should be fine.

I think (if I understand you correctly), that I am doing something like #2 with Spideroak instead of Dropbox. There is an issue of lag, which you shouldn’t experience with Dropbox, but otherwise it is fine.

I am not certain what would happen with #3, but it seems like it would work fine, because indexed stuff gets copied into the sync store. Let us know how the testing goes!