Sync indicator

I’m using DTPO on two macs and DTTG on my iPad. I set up a WebDav on a server I have and it all syncs nicely except that it is not particular fast (The icloud sync is MUCH faster but can’t be used for DTTG).

Slow sync caused a problem which corrupted a database when I shut down a mac half-way through syncing. Thankfully I was able to rebuild it, but I have been carefully checking whether sync has happened before shutting down DTPO. To do this, I have to go into preferences.
It would be great to have an indicator to show how old the last sync is and also a button to sync now. Even better would be to get icloud sync working on everything.

There are currently 2 buttons, Synchronize and Synchronize All, right click on the toolbar click Customize Toolbar and you can drag these to your tool bar. Otherwise Control-Option-S will start a sync as well
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.33.52 AM.png

Actually, iCloud Syncing is slower than other methods. It Syncs locally very quickly but then iCloud has to do its on Syncing.

There already is: Under the database’s name in the Sync Preferences.

This is not a trivial thing. It is problematic due to the way Apple implemented the service.

Thanks for the reply.
The buttons are very helpful. I assume the blue dot on the button means that the app is currently synchronising - it might help me avoid damaging another database by closing the app while a sync is in progress.
I know the information is in preferences>sync. I think that’s the wrong place for it. Preferences should be where you go occasionally set a preference, not where you go for information about how the app is working.

Actually, it means there are unSynced changes.

This is not information that needs to be constantly visible (indeed, your request is one of very few we’ve had since Sync 1 even). Since the Preferences are where the Sync controls are, we think it’s a good place for this info. Cheers!