Sync is really behaving strangely and that is becoming really frustrating

I have signaled elsewhere some synch strangeness already. But here I will describe the process I have followed for the iPAD and what I observe:

The sync was not working after the update to DTTG3 (An important working database was remaining just empty on the iPad even if it was activated for sync through Dropbox on the Macbook and the iPad). So, I have decided to restart from scratch on the iPAD (Macbook is my main machine):
0/ De activated the DB sync on both systems
1/ Deleted all databases in DTTG3
2/ Dowloaded everything from the Macbook through the local network
3/ Activated the CloudKit sync on the MacBook and waited for the upload of all DB.
4/ Activated the CloudKit on the iPad and synched first the main database that I really need.
5/ It said that it has synched but my files have not been all downloaded, notably some summary RTF files from the PDF I have overlined. Why???
6/ I try to download them by hand, by clicking the Download file link that appears in place of the file’s body, and it takes forever even if the file is just a few Kb.

That is really frustrating.

Question: What can I do to ask DTTG to download all files when it syncs? Why does it not do it even if it says that the sync has finished?

Any help would be welcome. All my working documents are in DT and DTTG…
Thanks a lot in advance!

Presumably because you have the database set to “on demand” rather than “always” (long press the name of the database in DTTG3 and select info)


Thank you very much!!! I was looking for this option in the SYnc settings…

I have been able activate it on the iPad, but on the iPhone, I cannot change it.

Sure :slight_smile: what happens when you try to activate on the iPhone?

The switch just stays on Manual for this DB, I cannot pass it to Always even if this works for other DB.

Do you still have a previous active sync location in DEVONthink To Go, e.g., a legacy sync?

I have it but it is set to remain inactive with its switch. Should I delete it?

No, no need to. Is the Manual/Always switch inactive for that database or just nothing happens when you tap it? Or does it flip but when you close the Info sheet and open it again, it’s set to Manual again?

I cannot move the switch from Manual. When I try, nothing happens and it stays on Manual.
FYI: I can change the switch for other DB.

Now, as this is the first report and it’s behaving really strangely: does the switch jump back immediately or just after closing and reopening the Info popover? This is an important information. A screen video would be great.

Hi Eric,
It does not jump back because I cannot even move it from Manual at all. I have done a screencast, but you don’t see anything in fact.
And I cannot attach it here, the forum does not accept this format.

Upload the screencast to an iCloud or Dropbox account and post the shared link.

Ah, true. But since the video us not very interesting, I have not initially gone through it.

Here it is:

Mainly you see a static information screen at the end, but in fact I am pushing the switch with my finger away from the Manual switch. It just does not move fir this DB. It just continues to sit on Manual I can easily change it for other DBs.

Some more screenshots to show you my setup:

Might someone update me on the status of this Ipad/CloudKit sync failure? Does re-install work (is this a version thing?) over the long term or will I have to re-install over and over again? Also, I’d re-install right away, except that I’ve go 85 files I’ve saved over the last weeks and would like to get onto my desktop, but every time I try to send one via email or save in Files or Dropbox the app crashes. Not a lot of fun. Thanks! Bruce

Hi :slight_smile: I don’t think the OP was describing a problem which is known to universally affect users. As such, it might be helpful to post exactly what the problem is you are experiencing, which versions you are using, any error messages etc.; if the app is crashes, then opening a support ticket and attaching the appropriate crash logs is the way to go :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! When I discovered this I became impatient, I’m sorry. After posting this I though as you do here: because it is crashing, I’d better write to support directly, which I’ve done. MANY thanks! Best, Bruce

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