Sync issue between MacBook and iMac

Hi all,

When syncing between m MacBook and my iMac my groups, smart groups and favourites are not in sync. I use iCloud legacy sync.
What can I do to fix this or is this an indented behaviour?

And: Should I change to iCloud CloudKit sync?

Thanks in advance,

Global smart groups and Favorites don’t sync between machines at this time.

What groups aren’t in sync?

Thanks for answering.
The “groups” that are not in sync are manually created groups in my inbox, containing a mix of text/md files and replicated files from other groups.
Would they sync if I was using CloudKit?

Sync methods don’t determine if something will sync or not, so changing methods isn’t the immediate answer.

Is anything reported Window > Log?

States that database was corrupted and that I should check and repair it… Will do this, while I’m not entirely understanding how come it is corrupted… The files concerned were all in waste

Failed database verification?