Sync issue - Dropbox


I have always been able to sync between my iMac’s using dropbox.
Since a week, I keep getting the message "The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format) - although I only have .pdf files and .number files.
Can anyone give me a clue what the problem can be ?

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Please start a Support Ticket. Thank you.

Same here. But I cannot afford to open a support ticket—I’m in the midst of a big and urgent project. This was my first experience with DTPO syncing and I’m not thrilled. Nothing worse than feeling insecure about the safety and consistency of one’s data! Should we expect any bug fixes soon?

I can’t say when the next maintenance release is forthcoming. Again the best option is to start a Support Ticket so we can determine what the issue is and deal with it expeditiously.

I was having the same problem. Support sent me a patch to 2.8.6 which fixed it for me.


Do note: This patch is not public and you still need to start a Support Ticket so we can provide instructions and examine and log the issue.