Sync Issue with Magenta Cloud

Recently I noticed that my Database (approx. 10GB) is out of sync. I can confirm the “out of sync” by choosing Database-Properties on two machines which tell me different numbers in “Total”, “Groups”, etc. However the Sync Preference Tab shows me that Sync is “up to date”. In the protocol windows I can notice several errors “Manifest file ‘xxx’ missing” on one machine.
I already tried “Check & Repair” on both machines, each time finished without any errors.
Any idea how I can have a propperly synced DB again?

In our experience, MagentaCloud may be fast but it’s also unreliable. You can check the checkbox to Verify uploaded items in the Info for the Sync location, but you may want to look at alternative services.

Thanks for the hint. I guess you can not yet communicate any information about the implementation timing for the planned iCloud Sync solution? I would really prefer iCloud over Dropbox, but during the time between l might think about setting up a WebDAV depending on how long “in between” would mean…

One more question: The DB on both machines is currently out of sync as described. As I have been working on both machines modifying the DB so I don’t have a defined “Master DB” any more. If I stop syncing now and switch over to e.g. WebDAV sync can I connect both machines to a new sync location to get a properly synced DB again or do I need to sort out the changes done in both DB’s manually first before connecting the DB’s again?

The databases will be merged the first time you’re going to synchronize them using a new sync location. Merging means that missing stuff is added to each database and that the latest changes are applied but nothing is deleted.