Sync issues after sorting out the UUID for my databases

I had all my databases in my home folder and had managed to also sync them to my laptop. However, I changed the name for two of them, so I had to delete and create new ones with a new UUID. So, I deleted all my databases and installed them again so I can make a good clean start.

Since then, I have only managed to sync just two of them in the last five days which does not sound right. I also created a test database with only one small file o I can manage to upload and test the syncing, but it didn’t work.

Any advice, troubleshooting at this point?

Many thanks

Changing the name doesn’t require this actually.

What exactly does not work? Anything logged to Windows > Log?

Nothing on Log - the databases are all verified, repaired and backed up.

It is just that they are ‘not yet synchronised’ which is odd as I am online, the uploading speed is good and last time this process took one night while it has now been trying to sync for almost five days.

Any suggestions on what to check?

How large are the databases (see File > Database Properties), what kind of sync location do you use and how fast is your upstream?

I am currently trying to sync only the test datatabse which is 9.1 KB.
The biggest database is

Sync location: All databases in my HOME folder

Upload speed now when two computers are on 5 MB

And how do you exactly sync the databases? Via Dropbox, WebDAV, Bonjour etc.? A screenshot of Preferences > Sync might be useful, thanks.

Via Dropbox

I have just managed to upload the first one once I unchecked everything…lets see if the rest will work like this or if there is something else going on.
Screenshot 2017-10-02 15.39.04.png

Not sure what is going on here but I am still waiting for most of my databases to sync. Admittedly some are large (approximately 11.30 GB), but the computer is on all the time, overnight etc. Also, I needed to use the databases outside the office, so I transferred them to my laptop, synced them with dropbox and within a day they were all synced and working fine. My desktop, however, is still struggling and I wonder if I made it worse by uploading them on the laptop? My desktop was the original uploading syncing machine, would this make a difference? Please help.

Do your desktop/laptop use the same databases or did you only create databases with the same name on both machines (see 1st post)?

Apologies Christian did not see this message.
I got frustrated with not having access, and as I needed to use my laptop I copied the databases into my laptop and synced Devon with the dropbox Now they both work fabulously well, but they are not syncing!

Should they not be syncing if they both connect to dropbox? They are the same databases, not others with same name. Help!!

Could you please post screenshots of Preferences > Sync from both machines? Thanks!

Thanks, the first two are from the laptop and the last two from my imac.

Are any issues logged to Windows > Log? Is a verification of the sync store successful (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync)?

No logs an no syncing as I have been setting up tiny test files from the phone and the laptop but none are imported on the desktop app.
1- Shall I delete them and import them one by one again?
2- any other tips?

The databases on your laptop weren’t synchronized for several days. Are you able to manually synchronize them? Or maybe after restarting the computer?

What is a manual sync? dragging the database to another computer and uplaodign it to the cloud? Thats what I did last time

No. Selecting a database and choosing File > Synchronize.

Thanks, I do that all the time. COuld you please advice if I should start again or is there anything else to try?

Does it work after restarting the computer? Do both computers use the same network?

Yes, same network and yes works the same