Sync issues between Mac desktop and macbook via iCloud

I have been using Devonthink 3 Pro for about 3 years. Mostly a general repository cabinet for all my files. I have a mac mini at home and a macbook pro M1 that i take with me at work. Syncing is made through Cloudkit. Mostly it has worked withouth problems. But there are times where certain folders just absolutely refuse getting synced no matter what I try. I have in total 5 databases and the issue affects more than one of them. I even tried to delete the database from my laptop, i went to my desktop and made sure that the databases have synced to the cloud, quitted devonthink from my desktop and then redownloaded the whole database to my laptop. Some files or folders are still missing. This issue is driving me crazy and i am seriously considering quitting Devonthink. The only problem is that i don’t like the alternatives: obsidian doesn’t have reliable search within pdf texts, eaglefiler looks awful after having used devonthink for so long and i want a solution where the files are stored locally.

Please search for topics before starting new threads. CloudKit and its issues have been discussed at length on the forums.

I did look, but this didn’t give me a solution to the problem. Can you point to a thread where a solution is offered?

AFAIK, for those who are affected by Apple’s Cloud sync issues, there is no real solution as Apple doesn’t provide any “knobs” to control or tweak how the sync works.

If you must use a third-party Internet sync service, Dropbox works well and is reliable. Bonjour, on the local network, works very quick and is very reliable. I’m fortunate to have a Synergy NAS so I also use Synergy’s WebDAV service to sync.

All this discussed at length in the previous threads.

Are you running a shallow sync or a deep sync?

From your comments (though I’m guessing), you’re running a deep sync, which is why you’ve remarked that some folders are not syncing to your device. Assuming that is the case, it does seem like you’d be better off setting up Bonjour for your sync needs, as that would sync your devices before you leave the house. You don’t need a remote connection if you’re running a deep sync.

People rarely (never?) report issues with Bonjour so that would most likely solve your problem and meet your needs.

Reducing the number of connections (see Preferences > Sync) might improve the reliability but performance would definitely suffer.

Definitely worth a try.

Number of connections is currently set to 16. Which number do you suggest?

I’d start and 1 (or 2, or 3, or …) and then go up from there as and/or if you see success …

Also see