Sync issues between Macs

It seems DT3 is not able to sync between my iMac 2017 and MacBook Air M1.

How do I fix it?

I keep getting errors like these ones on both the devices…

These are usually temporary server issues. Is a verification of the sync store successful?

It seems all is fine right now.
As you said, maybe it was just a temporary sync issue.

Thank you!

You don’t say what what sync method you use. Presumably a third party cloud service. So yes, things that are setup correctly and previously working that you show are almost always temporary and something to do with the third party service that they chose not to let you know about. Oh well. One of the reasons why I rely on using Bonjour method to sync. And when “out and about” I simply wait to get back to Global HQ to let the sync “just happen”.

I’m sorry for the missing: I use iCloud, CloudKit.

Just a side question about Bonjour…

If I’m mobile (so not on WiFi) and I make changes on my Macbook (connected via hotspot), can I get such changes on DTTG before I get back home?
Most of the times I’m outside all day long, and I need such interoperability.

Practically, no (athough there a ways to connect to the home network using advanced networking setups … don’t go there). Has to be on the “same network” as I said and documented by “DEVONthink Handbook”,

But despite the clear “no”, can I ask “why” you need the sync to happen before you get home? Is there a person back home using DEVONthink that needs to see/use the changes before you get home? (I don’t have that need).

Bonjour is more reliable and faster than CloudKit and as you can see from the many posts here, CloudKit is clearly sometimes unreliable and simply choses not to work giving no clue why. Up to Apple to fix, I think.

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Good question.

This is one of my usual my scenarios…

  • I’m at office and work with DT3 on my Mac.
    I have only my Mac on the WiFi, not my phone, or I have my Mac connected via the hotspot of my phone.
  • Then I move, say, to a school.
  • When I’m on the bus or subway a collaborator calls me and asks me for some information, so I take my phone, open up DTTG and download the document where I can find the information.
  • I’m at school and getting ready to lead a workshop on a class.
    While I walk through the corridors to get the class I open up DTTG on my phone and download the document where I’ve stored the information of that class, what Ive done in my previous meetings, etc…, so that I enter the class and I’m ready to start.

Another thing against Bonjour is that it doesn’t work under VPN, and I use a VPN.

Another use case: I work on 2 Macs, an iMac at home and a MacBook when I’m out, so I need to work on the same documents on both the Macs.

I’ve read the Bonjour section of the manual, and it says I need to declare a “server” Mac, but I need a bi-directional link.

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of Bonjour. I can’t help.

i certainly would not depend on CloudKit for as a reliable real time download service like this. to each his own.

All sync methods in DEVOnthink are bi-directional, i.e., changes made on one device propagate to the other device(s).

Ok so I just moved from iCloud to Bonjour.

Sync between the two Macs is almost instantaneous… :star_struck:

But I can’t sync on my iPhone.

These are the settings…

I deactivated the iCloud sync on all of my devices.

  • iMac:
    Bonjour Options: enable incoming connection and open databases automatically.
    Then: I activated a local network (not local sync store), and checked all of my databases. The name starts with "ivanferrero…an.station (I can’t see the full name because I can’t enlarge the window…)

  • MacBook:
    Bonjour Options: enable incoming connection and open databases automatically.
    Then: I activated a local network (not local sync store), and checked all of my databases. The name starts with “mobile@i…npsy-new” (again, I can’t see the full name because I can’t enlarge the window…)

  • iPhone:
    Bonjour Options: enable incoming connection.
    Here the cloud icon at the bottom of the screen is grayed so I can’t tap it to sync.
    Also, in Settings I can’t choose how many files to keep on the device: the slider is set on Keep All and it’s grayed, so I can’t move it.

The ports are different for all of the devices.
I run a VPN on each device.

I’m sorry it may appear a newbie issue, and probably it is :sweat_smile:

See the “DEVONthink Handbook” supplemented by Bonjour Simplified

Without thinking about it too hard, I would suspect the differing ports and VPN as culprits. Read the docs.

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I use Bonjour with an iMac, a MacBook and an iPhone. I only have incoming connections enabled on the iMac. The iMac is basically the server for the other devices. However, I mix this with CloudKit sync, because if the iMac goes to sleep Bonjour doesn’t work for me. Maybe it is supposed to wake up on demand, but CloudKit fills the gap for me at the moment.

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Thank you for the thread.

Now I know Bonjour is not for me: all of my devices are always under VPN, and many times my “main Mac” is off.

Getting back to iCloud :wink:

Hi, I use webdav with my NAS and Qnap Cloud - never had any problems and it is quick. Mac Mini M1, iPad Pro, iPhone.


Thank you for your reply.

I evaluated a NAS many times.
I’d go for a NAS if I hadn’t to shut down my router some time along the year, but still need the files.
Some time I travel for long time, so I turn off all my electronic devices at home.

I have not tried this, but I expect you could create an ad-hoc network on your Mac and sync your phone to it via Bonjour when you are on the road with both devices. This would let you turn off everything at home while traveling.

I use both; all databases are synced via Bonjour when I am at home (so all devices are on the same network) and some are additionally synced via a cloud. Using both setups like that is supported and not problematic. I like that cloud sync happens regardless of whether I remember to sync and that Bonjour is private, because local.

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