Sync Issues on Second Mac

Hey everyone, I have half a dozen or so databases on my main Mac, and sync them all via Dropbox. Everything is fine on the main Mac and my iOS devices, but on my secondary Mac, three of the databases will open from the Sync settings, but are empty. I’ve tried reinstalling DT, re-enabling Dropbox sync and can’t get these three databases to show any content. What should I do to get this going?

You say “three will open from the Sync settings”. What do you mean? I don’t think you can open the files from the Sync settings dialog box.

Reinstalling hardly ever fixes anything.

To ensure, in Sych Settings dialog box. are the three databases showing a blue check box as being not disabled for synching? Perhaps in that same dialog box do a “verify” to see what it says? Perhaps in that same dialog box, “clean” (DEVONthink’s word for deleting the sync file on Dropbox) and do again? While doing this, suggest you re-look at the Manual for how to setup a sync and ensure you are doing exactly as needed.

All three of the problematic databases have blue checks and show they have synced in the last few minutes, but they remain empty and their corresponding databases in Finder are just a few kb in size. I’ll try the Cleaning operation.

Have you opened a support ticket?

Cleaning the databases in question fixed it!

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