Sync issues with latest DTPO and DTTG

The DTPO console spits out an error:
Sync conflict item
The sync process just stops there and quits after a while.
No idea what’s wrong here and no way to stop the hanging sync process.
Are there any plans for making these errors more informative?

Do you see the name of a document at the point Sync stopped? If so, remove that document from the Mobile Sync group, or from the Global Inbox.

For whatever reason, that file stopped the procedure.

I’ve seen that happen with a few “strange” JPEG images. Opening those files in an image editor, saving copies, then replacing the originals by the copies solved the issue,

I know which file it is, but having an option to cancel the sync from the phone would help too.
Also, finding out what the reason is, why this file (in this case a standard PDF of a journal) fails to sync would be great. Is this logged in one of the files so I can send the report to Devon?

Although “PDF” stands for “Portable Document Format” and, generally, PDFs can be viewed on a wide variety of computer platforms, there are in fact a number of ‘flavors’ of PDFs, some of which are not compatible with applications such as Preview in OS X, and/or might cause problems of various kinds in a Mac application. (And, of course, even a garden-variety PDF could become damaged and cause problems.)

If you open with Preview the PDF that caused Sync to stall and check it with the Inspector, you can usually discover the application that was used to create the PDF.

If you wish you can attach the PDF to a message to Support and we can take a look at it.