Sync issues with one database

I have a database about 1.5 GB in size, mostly pdf and text files, and when I first try to sync to transfer to a new store (direct connection, to Dropbox, import from Dropbox) it cancels the transfer without warning several times along the way. I was able to get it to Dropbox eventually by resuming many times, but I am unable to import from Dropbox as there is a place where it always gets stuck and won’t go past no matter how many times I resume. The log shows a “File not found” error followed by a message that sync was cancelled. I have run verify and repair and backup/optimize and no problems are found.

I transferred the database by hand (file copy) and then synced via direct connection (which worked fine) and am now trying to push the whole thing onto Dropbox, but so far I’ve spent many hours on what was supposed to be a convenience with no end in sight.

Ideas here?


Yes, Tools > Rebuild Database.
If you are still having problems, please try the Sync operation again AFTER following these instructions…

To enable logging, type the following in /Applications/Utilities/ and restart DEVONthink:

defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 DTSyncDebug -bool YES
defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 DTSyncDebugHigh -bool YES

This will log more detail to your system log, which can be viewed in /Applications/Utilities/

After you’ve attempted the Sync, open Console, type “DEVONthink” in the filter field in the upper right-hand corner, and copy and paste ALL of the window’s contents into a new text document. Start a Support Ticket at our DEVONtechnologies Support Ticket System and attach the document to your reply. Thank you.

Hi tknelson and Bluefrog,

I’m facing the very same issues and gave it another try after verifying, optimizing, and rebuilding my database (1.4 GB). I started a support ticket and hopefully this situation will get fixed. I have been struggling for hours with the Devonthink sync via Dropbox but I always ended up receiving the error issues you mention.


To both…
Is the database located in a DropBox folder?

Have you excluded the Apps/DEVONthink folder from DropBox’s Selective Sync Advanced preferences?

Thank you for your quick reply!

In my case the database is not located in a Dropbox folder and yes, I keep unchecked the DEVONthink folder from DropBox’s Selective Sync Advanced preferences.


Do bear in mind that the quality of your network (which varies over time) has an effect on the upload. 1.4GB is still quite a bit of data to upload (and upload speeds are always much slower than downloads).

I would create a smaller test database of maybe 100MB and try to Sync that to get a feel for how long it may take when scaled up as well as if the process finishes as expected.

I can also confirm that the database is not located in a Dropbox folder and the DEVONthink folder is unchecked in DropBox’s Selective Sync Advanced preferences.
My database is 2GB.
I will open a support ticket as you suggest.
Thanks again.

I installed Dropbox just to sync this database, so the Dropbox tree is totally new and separate. I didn’t try to do anything with Dropbox “by hand”, but rather let DT do it’s thing in setting up the API sync with Dropbox, which appears to create a cache folder in the Dropbox tree. I’m not sure I mentioned, but two other smaller databases synced without complaint.

If there was a bandwidth problem, it was at the Dropbox end, as I am at a national lab with 10Gb/sec SONET connectivity (ESNet backbone).

That said, after I copied the database from one machine to another, then synced one locally to the other, and finally both to Dropbox, I haven’t had any more problems. Sorry I can’t help further locate the issue, but “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and I’m not going to mess with it any further.

I hope you all are able to find the bug and squash it!