Sync issues

Here’s a sync problem.

Create a text file on DTTG. Sync it to DT.
Edit the file on DT. Try to sync it back. The changes don’t sync.
Edit the file on DTTG. Sync it back. Now you’ve got two files on DT. The original DT file you edited still doesn’t sync.

This is the kind of thing I’m finding over and over.

P.S. Why does this forum software invariably make me log in twice to post? I’ve learned to always copy my post, because the system is going to kick me out the first try.

Here’s another bit of weirdness:

Edit an item in another program, then open in DTTG - it puts the item in the Global Inbox.
Sync the item to DTP on desktop.
Move the item from desktop Global Inbox to another folder.
Sync again: the item stays in Global Inbox on DTTG, even though it is in another folder now in desktop DTP.
Sync again, this time de-selecting Global Inbox in DTTG. The item not only appears in the proper folder, but disappears from Global Inbox (which, I thought, we were not syncing).

Very strange.

P.S., And once again, when I finished this message and clicked on “Submit”, the software logged me out and made me start over. Am I the only one this happens to?