Sync location and retrieve

Hello, still on a learning curve to DTTG. Pls allow me to ask perhaps an ignorant question.

I understand that DTTG is a very good document provider to organise all types of document. Now, I set the documents to sync with box. When I go to box, it is a compressed file. I just wonder, if one day, I don’t use dttg, but my databases have thousands of documents, how can I retrieve them from the cloud back up, so that I can still have the original files? I just don’t quite get it how it works.

Thank you. is not supported for syncing. Please clarify what you’re referring to. Thanks. will deprecate its WebDAV support at the end of the month, afterwards it won’t be possible anymore to sync that way: … ba-p/55684

Do you only use DEVONthink To Go or also a Mac?

Thanks. I didn’t know. It is because I managed to make the location with box. I will do Dropbox then.

I only use devonthink to go with my iPad Pro. Not mac.

Sorry… I just add sync location Dropbox. And I see there is now a Dropbox.drcloud in devonthink. But not seeing it in Dropbox… just wondering am I doing the right thing? Will it be easier to sync with iCloud only… pls help.

If you want to see the sync folder, go online into your Dropbox account. The .dtCloud file is created in the /Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync folder. However, there’s nothing in that folder you would fine useful. It’s purely sync data for use by DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.

Oh… in such case. How can I retrieve back the documents (actual ones) after I put them in DTTG? Where exactly the actual files go? I don’t own a copy of devonthink in mac. I use mainly with my iPad Pro. Does it mean that I should still keep the original copy somewhere?

The originals are in your database. Sync isn’t moving your files into the cloud. Sync is just for putting raw sync data in a location for other devices, Mac or mobile, to use with DEVONthink or DTTG.

Sorry for my ignorance. Does it mean that the databSe sits in my Ipad Pro’s storage? If my database it built up, it will occupy the storage? The sync local is only for back up?

Let me put a scenario to help me understand better. If i put a attached email attachment into DTTG and delete the email after, the attachment sits in my DYTG database. If i want to get raw file for use or send to other person, i must retrieve through DTTG. Is the raw file indeed compressed in the database so not make the database too big?

I use endnote database before, so i may preempted with how the database and its raw data structured. So i thought similar as DTTG. So pls kindly advice. In case, i dont to DTTG, i would need to export back each raw file to somewhere so as to make sure i have those file as archive. Any advice for such scenario?


The database is stored on the device, Mac or mobile, so yes the files consume space on the devices. No, they are not stored compressed. They are stored in their original format. And you can share a file out of the databases with the Share menu, to any app that supports it. Also, drag and drop is possible on iOS devices that support it.