Sync log says "missing file"

Syncing with Dropbox has failed. Under the remote database name is this: “database not yet synchronized; upload database.” The file says “missing file,” but it is in Dropbox. Where in Dropbox is the file supposed to be? Right now, it’s in Dropbox>Apps>DevonThink Packet Sync.

What ”file says ‘missing file’”?

The DT log says it for the database I want to sync.
In the sync control panel in preferences, it says “not yet syncronized; upload file.”

Post a screen capture of the missing file message you’re referring to.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 8.51.22 PM

Those are actual missing files and show inconsistency in the database. You need to tend to these missing files. This is covered in the Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files section.

OK, thanks.
What about the message under the db in the sync panel? "“not yet syncronized; upload file.”

You’re welcome.

Bear in mind, it’s a good practice to do a regular File > Verify & Repair on your databases. Once a week or every other week isn’t a bad idea.

I’ll put that on the list. Thanks.
One more thing: What about the message under the db in the sync panel? "“not yet syncronized; upload file.”

By design, DEVONthink isn’t going to sync a database with problems. You need to get it consistent and healthy again first.

Got it. Thanks.

No problem.

FWIW, I’d just been bitten by the “missing files” bug, preventing file sync between my Mac and iPad, and was driving me batty. But going thru each of those missing files, 1-by-1 per Bluefrog’s suggestion (Help>Documentation … Missing Files), cleared the matter. Each of those “missing files” magically became clearly evident and un-missing when I clicked “Reveal.” I’m pretty sure the Reveal induced download of each of those “missing” files - they’d taken up residence as “online-only” files in my Dropbox.

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Glad the documentation was helpful :slight_smile:

And yes, you should only be indexing local files, not smart synced or online only files.