Sync mailbox folder

I’m wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to sync a mailbox folder. So, for instance, I have a folder in mail that has important receipts. Rather than having to import them individually into a Devonthink folder, I’d like it to be automatically synced. A pipe dream a this point? If so, are there any work arounds the fine folks on this forum might suggest?

“Sync” implies a two-way transfer from Mail to DEVONthink, and DEVONthink to Mail – there really is no “sync”. So I suggest that what you might want rather than “sync” is an automated way to get mail from a particular mailbox or folder into DEVONthink.

That can be done with a mail rule that uses one of the DEVONthink Pro Office mail scripts. (Look in the Mail Rules subfolder of the Extras folder that ships with DEVONthink Pro Office.) See Help or browse for topics in the forum with keywords “mail rule”, to see if any of the suggestions and tips in those postings can help. Basically you create a rule in Mail > Preferences > Rules. The rule can be triggered when mail is received, or added to a folder, or lots of other factors. When the rule is triggered, it runs an AppleScript provided with DEVONthink to add the message to your database. Many readers have modified these scripts in ways that might be helpful to you – a search of the forum will locate this advice.

A step beyond this is to use Mail ActOn a third-party Mail plugin from Indev. That software can give you even more features to control getting your mail into DEVONthink. Readers in the forum also describe their approaches to using Mail ActOn, but of course that involves extra expense and configuration.

Thanks Korm,
Yes, of course, sync was the wrong term. I guess I simply meant I did not want to repeatedly import the same messages. I will explore the mail rules. I did find the automatically file message script: … le-script/ But thus far I haven’t found a clear way for a rule to be triggered when I add my mail to a particular folder. It is very possible I’m missing something obvious. If anyone else has time/energy to guide a scripting newbie, or simply another thread that may help, I would appreciate it.