Sync misbehaving, no obvious diagnosis - advice?

Hello. I have a database that I use mostly on an iMac, and occasionally access on a MacAir. It is synced via DevonThink Sync, using my Dropbox. (My databases are not stored in Dropbox, to be clear; but Sync takes place through it.)

Recently Sync down to my laptop has begun choking and quitting. The log pane will name a file and then say: (Could not load a record (not found ({“error”: “File not found”})))
It is not always the same file; and whichever file is named, that file appears in the database as it exists on my iMac (which syncs up to the remote store at least once a day). Once that message appears the Sync then self-cancels.

How can I fix this? The difference in size between the database on my iMac and on the Air is about 2gb, so there’s a lot that needs to get synced down to the Air. Thank you for any thoughts.

Thank you. I don’t use indexing, and I did run Verify and Repair, but I’ll try it a few more times and see what pops up.


I continue to have difficulties with Sync, and I am wondering whether anyone has any suggestions. The reply above, while very gracious, did not help, as I do not index. I have run V&R on the database on both locations, and am getting a clean report. Yet, when I try to Sync down to my laptop, I continue to get the Sync choking and quitting with “error file not found” reports on documents that are already visible in the local copy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

The only thing I can think of to do is to start from scratch, downloading an entire fresh version of the database from the remote store, but that seems like a big task. Can anyone suggest any alternatives?

Thank you.

Tools > Rebuild Database - first.
Clean Location - second.

Hello, thank you very much for this advice. I have rebuilt the database, but I am not finding a “clean location” command. Where would that be?

Sync Preferences

Thank you again for the assistance. I’ve followed the Repair Database and Clean Location recommendations, but the Sync continues to choke and self-cancel. Most, though not all, of the time, this seems to be linked in the log to one pdf that is “error not found”; the pdf already is present in the same location in both local stores of the database. Should I delete that pdf?

If this continues to be a problem I may have to stop using Sync and carry my databases around on a flash, which is non-optimal but may be the easiest solution.

Appreciate any thoughts.

Try this Sync to a local syncStore on your Desktop to see if it’s inherent to the database or a Dropbox Sync issue.

I apologize, I didn’t understand that. Could you unpack “local syncStore on your Desktop” a little more please?

He’s suggesting you create a sync store on your desktop and sync to that as a test – the point of the test is to eliminate a variable (Dropbox) to determine if the problem remains.