Sync multiple global inboxes separately?


Is it possible to sync multiple global inboxes separately in one DTPO/DTTG instance?

Background: I have 2 separate DevonThink “worlds”, one for work, one for my personal life. Both worlds use their own sync stores (personal: Dropbox for the Global Inbox and iCloud for the rest; work: WebDav). On my work laptop, I only have work database; on my personal computers and in DTTG, I have databases from both worlds. The personal Global Inbox is synced between DTTG and my personal computers; the work Global Inbox is not synced at all (yet).

The “multi-world-sync” works without issue for regular, non-global-inbox databases.

I would like to sync my work Global Inbox to DTTG, without it getting combined/confused with my personal Global Inbox. As I might have sensitive documents of different nature in either world, I would want to prevent these docs from finding their way into the other world.

Is this possible? For example, could the Global Inbox from my work sync store be synced to DTTG under a different name?

Thank you,

This isn’t possible, the global inbox is always merged. But the global inbox ideally shouldn’t contain any data for long, it’s recommended as a temporary destination only.

Actually it’s not even necessary to use the global inbox at all, e.g. enable the option in Preferences > Files > Import to select a destination group instead of using the global inbox.

Thank you, @cgrunenberg, I will play around with the alternative import destination.

Unfortunately, for some of the data, even a short-term appearance on another machine could be a problem if a backup of that machine takes place just at that moment and these files end up getting backed up.

I don’t understand what this means—there is only one Global Inbox in DEVONthink which is, as its name states, global. It’s a special database inbuilt in DT . In addition to that all normal, i.e. user created databases have their own inboxes which get synced (or not synced, if you wish) together with their specific databases as they are parts of it.

Both DT and DTTG have settings to display the Global Inbox and the databases inboxes unified or not. The latter would probably be the recommended setting for you as you strictly separate work and private databases.

If you should miss the Global Inbox’ handy Inbox folder in the Finder’s sidebar you could easily replicate that: Just create an “Inbox”, “Inbox private” or whatever you like to call it folder anywhere on your Mac, drag it into the Finder’s side bar, index it in DT and have a simple Smart Rule move everything from that Finder folder into the specific database’s inbox.

And then don’t use the Global Inbox at all.